The Importance of Exploration


Explorers are making discoveries that help the rest of us  understand the complexity and interdependency of our world, so that we have the means to make informed choices going forward.


What we are calling “exploration” is no longer about finding and conquering new territory or resources. It is going out  into the field  (rather than the  laboratory)  to observe, record and communicate findings that will help us understand our world. Explorers are peering into the future, looking back into the past, exploring the bottom of the ocean, trying to understand the tectonic forces of the world,  listening to the newly discovered language of animals and plants, and  exploring the great diversity of humanity.


On a personal level, I believe everyone can be explorer and should approach life as an exploration. Living life as an explorer allows you to:

  • discover your passions
  • define and master the tools you need to get to your goal
  • help meet the challenges life throws your way
  • open your mind to the mysterious, intricate forms  of life that we are surrounded by on a daily basis
  • be alive in the moment




Both researching and writing Women of Discovery with Mary Tiegreen, and my own unusual and often challenging  experiences as a woman out in the field led me to found, with my dear friend, Leila Hadley Luce, an organization to support women explorers, Wings WorldQuest.


Since the mid nineties, I have been researching and ‘discovering’ modern day explorers, raising money to help them in the field, creating educational programs based on their work, supporting their field work through a flag program, holding  forums and connecting the more than 100 women to those who can help them further their work. I have assembled a library of over 1000 books written by and about women explorers.


The community of global women I assembled are making exciting discoveries about every aspect of our world and are bringing a fresh vision to our understanding of the life forces on the planet. We are posting news items on the Women of Discovery Facebook page.